Robbie Hanson

I am honored to support Steve Rideout as our next Cambridge mayor. Steve is running for one reason and one reason only – he cares about Cambridge and knows that he can make a positive difference! Steve Rideout is a man with a plan and the experience, knowledge, and support networks to make it happen. No other candidate can come close to  understanding our city and how to move it forward. He helped to write the current city charter that our council operates under and thoroughly understands the role of the mayor under this charter. He is ready Day 1 to assume the role and responsibilities of the position of Mayor. Having also served for 4 years as the commissioner of the First Ward, he knows the inner working of the city and its departments. His entire professional life has been about listening to people. As a lawyer, he listened to his clients’ needs and as a judge he listened to both sides of the case to make the best decision for those involved. That’s what he will do for Cambridge- help to unify and move Cambridge forward! Please go to to see his priorities and plans. Vote for Steve Rideout on August 23rd.    Robbie Hanson