“As Mayor, Steve will make sure that everyone knows what is going on. Steve kept the citizens of Cambridge informed as a City Council member and later as a private citizen. He believes in people and families. Steve Rideout will make a great Mayor.””
Mike Schrader

“I believe that Steve Rideout is the right choice to fill the position of mayor at this time. He is already familiar with all the issues the city is facing and truly has the best interests of all the residents of Cambridge at heart”. – 
Frances Gross

“I have known Steve Rideout since he and Bobbie moved to Cambridge in 2010, as both a friend and a co-worker on civic projects. I have attended many City Council meetings in which he played an active role in examining, evaluating, and voting on issues important to the city of Cambridge. In each and every case it was clear to me that Steve learned every last detail of the topic at hand, looked at the issues from both sides of the “plate”, and voted in the manner he thought most benefited the city.
Through the weekly Cambridge Matters publication he distributes, he has shown not only his depth of understanding of the issues, but more importantly has shown that he can communicate fairly and accurately all sides of important issues.

I cannot think of anyone who would be a better mayor than Steve Rideout.”
Respectively submitted,
Geoff Barger

“Steve’s genuine enthusiasm for Cambridge combined with his unparalleled knowledge of local government systems make him the perfect choice to serve as Mayor during this period of transition. “
Jim Sicks and Rev. Katie Day 

“Steve Rideout is a listener, thinker and visionary who would make an excellent Mayor for Cambridge. During his term on the City Council, Steve earned the respect of the entire community with his preparation, creative approaches to problems and his ability to propose and achieve compromise on key issues. Steve supports and has a great appreciation for the City’s CM-Council form of government, having spearheaded the successful adoption of it,  and understands the important advocacy and consensus building role the Mayor now plays under this form. As a retired Virginia family court judge, Steve maintains the highest ethical integrity and has special place in his heart for the youth of our community. I wholeheartedly endorse his candidacy.”

                    Gene Lauer

Steve listens. I have seen him listen with compassion to the concerns of others. We need a mayor who will listen to the people. Steve will.
Dale Schrader

Steve Rideout was a leader in Cambridge having a City Manager. With his legal background and love of Cambridge, Steve will be a great partner with the City Commissioners in making a great place to live a greater place to live.
Bill Burnette


As one of the initial members of the committee to hire a City Manager I know how important Steve Ridout is to our community. Without his knowledge and expertise we would never have accomplished that goal.

Also, as a member of the City Council, he worked diligently  to keep the community informed with a weekly newsletter,  detailing all important facts from the weekly Council meetings.

Thank you Steve for all you do and will do for our community,

Joy Staniforth.

I wholeheartedly endorse Steve Rideout for mayor of Cambridge.

He is only candidate that is CAPABLE of leading the city I love presently.

Steve is our bright tomorrow.

Professor Gerald Wilson Burton